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Cracker Barrel Employees

Who is eligible

All active employees of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. (“CBOCS”) or any affiliated company of CBOCS in a full or part-time capacity and actively working or on an approved leave of absence as of the date of the qualifying event occurred, the date of the application, and on the date the grant funds are disbursed electronically.

Have you experienced one of these qualifying events?

Critical Health Condition (employee)

Critical Health Condition (employee's immediate family member)

Death of employee

Death (employee's immediate family member)

Natural Disaster (FEMA Declared)

Natural Disaster residential house or apartment fire

Intimate Partner Violence

Do you qualify for a grant

  • Must be actively employed or on an approved leave of absence at the time of the qualifying event.

  • Application submitted online within sixty (60) days of the qualifying event.

  • Eligible to receive a grant once within any six (6) month period.

  • Apply for up to $2,500 per application per qualifying event with a lifetime maximum of $5000.

  • Homelessness, eviction, loss of wages, or food insecurities are not covered by the program.

  • Assistance is not provided in advance of a surgery/medical procedure. It is best to apply after the surgery/procedure. 

  • May not be eligible for a grant, if receiving income or insurance reimbursement (e.g., workers compensation,  insurance homeowners/renters, life insurance etc.…)

  • Program does not cover medical premiums, co-payment, deductible, or bills.

  • Employee or Employee’s Spouse’s name must be listed on the bill as a responsible party.

  • If approved for a grant, must be employed when the grant funds are disbursed. Funds are disbursed through PayPal

Additional details and restrictions apply and can be found in the Cracker Barrel Cares Policy and Procedures Document.

How to Apply

Click here to apply now

Click here to apply using the direct link to application

For technical issues while applying


For questions about the Cracker Barrel Cares Program 

email: or call (615) 443-9807.

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