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Would you like to donate to the program?

It's easy! You can set up a payroll deduction for either a one-time donation or an ongoing donation from each paycheck or manage your donation. 

Log in to Workday and go to your Pay app

Whether you donate $1 per pay period or make a $100 one-time donation, our team of 70,000+ can lift a lot of burdens across our Brand.  Since its inception, Cracker Barrel Cares has paid out more than $8 million to support over 6,600 employees in their time of need.


Your donation to Cracker Barrel Cares may help a dishwasher whose home was destroyed by a fire, or a prep cook whose spouse passed but they can’t afford a funeral. It may also help a retail employee who can’t work due to cancer or a server who is experiencing domestic violence. Regardless of how your donation is used, please know that every donation makes a positive impact and is appreciated. Cracker Barrel Cares helps our employees with financial support for unforeseen emergencies due to:


Critical health condition – When illness or injury prevents you from working for a period of two weeks or more


Death of employee’s immediate family member or employee –Funeral or cremation bill assistance


Natural disaster – When your home and/or essential items are destroyed by a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, fire, etc.)


Intimate partner violence – When assistance is needed to urgently vacate and secure a new residence due to abuse by a current or former intimate partner.

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